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Took me from knowing I need leads, but did not realize it was this easy to acquire and nurture leads them to become quality high paying clients.

-- Nom DePlume

Changed My Business


I am not able to count the amount of light-bulb moments from this master-class, but it changed for my business.

-- Stephen Pina

What You'll Learn in This
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Secret #1

This 3-step process is going to show you how to find high quality leads that want to buy into your programs and services (without all the complicated marketing set up and without paying a single dime on ads!)


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NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN Technology that is going to allow you to open more doors with your prospects, and build instant trust and rapport with them (and the secret to making them a paid client).


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Master Our Lead Prospecting System That Generates 1,000 New Leads Every Month On Autopilot And Sells While You Sleep.

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This FREE Event (Only runs once every 1-2 Years) what Chad and Daven are about to reveal will help you START or Rapidly grow a business now in 2020.

Chad Nicely & Daven Michaels

Taking the Business World By Storm

- Marketing Strategist & Lead-gen Expert

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